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01 January 1970

A new era of connectivity: Producing 4K/UHD Using IP and 12G-SDI

14 June 2017

Recently we attended Broadcast Solutions’ ‘Broadcast Innovation’ event in association with SVG Europe. We participated in a couple of panels, one being ‘A New Era of Connectivity: Producing 4K/UHD using IP and 12G-SDI’.

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IP 4k

IP Video CODECs – how many is enough?

28 January 2016
At IBC this year, I expect many of us will experience a slightly unsettling sensation as we see the industry progress further away from the nicely constrained, homogeneous world of SDI, towards the asynchronous, heterogeneous universe of IP. Nowhere is IP’s technological diversity more prevalent than in the realm of video compression formats.
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IP 4k